The Benefits
Clean  smooth Hull
The hull, keel, rudder, propeller and water intakes will remain clean
 More speed, response and fuel saving
A clean hull, rudder and keel results in less drag and better response. A clean propeller converts more engine torque to thrust.
These features result in less fuel consumption.

Environmentally friendly
The Shipsonic system is completely harmless to the environment and reduces the need for toxic antifouling paints.
Easy to install
The system is simple to install and full instructions are provided.
If necessary, advice and help is available by contacting us.
Cost saving
You will save the cost of haul out, antifouling paint and its application. Saving time
means more time to use your boat.
How it works, click here
Independent of power source
The power demand of the Shipsonic ultrasonic unit is so low (Shipsonic 10 uses about
2.7 W) that it can be linked solely to solar cells and/or wind generator.