The hull of the Swan 47 ’Queen of Hearts’  was always build up with heavy barnacle growth. Especially the propeller was a frustrating problem explaned Jan van Donselaar, owner of the sailing yacht. The barnacles  where causing a significant reducing of the speed.
Also the barnacles growth  developed a very annoying propeller unbalance.  
In Januari this year Jan van Donselaar has installed a Shipsonic 20 unit on the bottom inside the boat.
Jan was rather sceptical  because of the disappointing experians with another ultrasonic antifouling unit in the past.
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Swan 47  ’Queen of Hearts’

Shipsonic ultrasonic antifouling unit tested this year 2011 on the hull of  ´The Queen of Hearts´ a Swan 47 owned by Jan van Donselaar.

At the end of April this year I received Jan’s first reaction, the hull, the propeller-shaft and the propeller where free of barnacle. Just at the front - and upperside of the rudderplate where some barnacles to perceive. On the wind-waterline was  some developemend of seaweed.  

This experian is saying us that the Shipsonic ultrasonic system has realised a convincing reducing of barnacle growth.

Last May the Swan 47 has been lifted up out of the water.

The images are made just after lifting up, before cleaning the underwatership.

You can see the results below....

The picture shows a clean hull free of algae end barnacles.

In detail the folding propeller. Free of barnacles.

The main problem of this yacht solved by the Shipsonic ultrasonic antifouling unit!

Just on the wind/waterline is some growing

of seaweed.


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