Is the Shipsonic Ultrasonic System suitable for every type of boat?
This new shipsonic antifouling system is suitable for both motor and sailing yachts, whether they be mono or multihull.

Is the Shipsonic ultrasonic system suited to every construction material?
This new shipsonic antifouling system is suitable for steel, aluminium and polyester (GRP).

Is it difficult to install the Shipsonic Ultrasonic System myself?
The system is quick and easy to install. Full instructions are included. If necessary help is always close by. You can phone or email us (Globus Benelux) or your local supplier/consultant.
We promise you an installed fully effective unit.

Will the Shipsonic unit keep the props and rudders clear of fouling?
When the transducer is installed correctly in the right position (>>how it works) the
ultrasonic sounds will be strong enough to reach the props and rudders effectively.
The positioning of the transducer is crucial.

What is the maximum hull thickness for an effective result?
The maximum thickness is about 35 mm, the thicker the hull, the greater the resistance
to sound transmission will be. We are able to supply an extra powerfull ultrasonic unit if required.

Will the Shipsonic system keep both fins of a bilge-keel yacht clear of fouling?
The main part of the hull will be kept clear. Of course the keels may have a "shadowing"
effect. This "shadowing" effect could reduce the effectiveness slightly on some parts of the hull. Placing an extra mounting ring may solve this. Periodically the transducer can be moved to the other mounting ring.

How many years will  the Shipsonic system remain operational?
We fully guarantee the system for two years from the date of purchase. Under normal  conditions     the ultrasonic system will continue to operate effectively for many years.

Is it possible to update my Shipsonic unit as new developments occur?
Updates are very simple and easy to install by exchanging the programmed chip's in the Unit.

Does the Shipsonic Ultrasonic System require any maintenance?
No. Regular checking the cables, connections and the tightness of the transducer will be enough.

Is it possible to operate the system solely on 12/24 volt DC?
Yes it is, but battery charge will need to be maintained.

Is a 12/24 volt DC system less effective than one powered by 240 volt AC?
There is no difference in effectiveness when the unit is powered with by AC or DC. The
Ultrasonic antifouling systems are available in AC, DC or a dual power AC/DC. The dual power     unit will automatically switch from AC to DC power and back to AC when available.

When a part of the vessel’s keel is in the mud, will the Shipsonic unit be effective                  on the buried area?
No! The Ultrasonic waves emitted only travel through the water, the mud will block the
sound waves.