The Shipsonic 20 is treating effective the underwatership of about 18 - til 20 meter waterline length.In this case the 2x transducers are connected to the powerbox who excists of a switch and two power indicator lights.

The Shipsonic 20 unit includes:

The electronic amplifier/control unit.

2x transducers

Mounting ring + installation material

Standard 1x 5 meter (=16 feet) cable*

Clear installation instructions

3 years warrantee

The Shipsonic 20 unit is available in:

110/220 Volt AC

12 Volt DC

Twinpower 110/220AC - 12  Volt DC

Shipsonic dimensions
For technical specifications see:
Shipsonic technical specifications 2010.pdf

We are able to make, in consultation, a custom made product for an optimal working and practical installation fitted in you yacht. We have this flexibel possibility because we are producing the Shipsonic units ourselve, Dutch developemend and production!


The Shipsonic ultrasonic units are


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