SUNSLICK solar charger

Perfect for battery maintenance and charging, the Sunslick flexible solar battery charger has been specifically designed for marine & yachting applications. The Sunslick can be mounted on curved surfaces such as hatch covers, boat decks and vehicle roofs, or it can be tied to sail covers, dinghies and canvas awnings.

The Flexcell modules will continue to produce electricity even in shadow and cloudy conditions which is especially useful in marine applications where sail shadow can be a problem.

The Sunslick is waterproof and lightweight.
The Sunslick range is available in 7, 14 and 27 Watt models.

Steca Solsum 5.0c
The Steca Solsum is one of the most sold charge controllers on the market. It is optimally suited for use in solar home systems with load currents of up to 5 A at
12 V/24 V and up to 240 Wp module output.
The Solsum C generation has a completely protected circuit board and is distinguished by its clear display, which uses two LEDs. This generation of charge controllers has also been conceived to allow the controllers to be made and repaired on-site in large projects.
 SUNSLICK 7 Watt model:
 SUNSLICK 14 Watt model:
 SUNSLICK 27 Watt model:
Flexcell sunslick datasheet 7 and 14 and 27W.pdf
Sunslick datasheet
Flexcell User manual Sunslick.pdf
User manual